October 2018: March in solidarity with Mohammed Yassar Yakub

UKBLM members marched in solidarity with Mohammed Yassar Yakub, a young Asian man shot and killed by police. Check out the Justice for Mohammed Yassar Yakub Campaign’s Facebook page for more information.

March 2018: Patrisse Cullors in Birmingham

Black Lives Matter UK attends a day of discussion, ideas and organising at Impact Hub Birmingham with Black Lives Matter US co-creator Patrisse Cullors, celebrating the release of her book: When They Call you a Terrorist. Learn more about the event here.

March 2018: Women of the World Festival

UKBLM in dialogue at Women of the World Festival with Patrisse Cullors of BLM US and Marcia Rigg from United Families and Friends Campaign. Find out more about the event here.

January 2018: Re-imagining Black Britain

UKBLM speak at this mass public event in Birmingham to think about black campaigns, black businesses, black survival strategies together. For more on the event, check out their website.

December 2017: Consented UK Schools Project

UKBLM members have been running sessions on race and colonialism in schools across London. Students linked issues of race today to the colonial period and understood race as a colonial construct, as well as seeing it’s relationship with capitalism. You can check out more about these projects on the Consented Instagram page.

November 2017: National UKBLM tour

These events were designed to allow them to give a first-hand account of why UKBLM activists are involved with the group, the overall goals and aims of the movement, and the challenges facing them in the US and UK today.

June 2017: Come What May events

In April and May 2017, in the lead up to the general elections,  BLMUK organised a series of events in Thornton Heath and Haringey (London) called ‘Come What May’ to bring people in our communities together, and talk about what politics means to them. You can check out our take on the political situation in an op-ed we penned for The Voice.

February 2017: Actions and Reactions

Public Calling: UKBLM’s Lisa Robinson – #Shutdown: Black Lives Matter-UK Actions and Reactions. UKBLM’s Lisa Robinson talks about Black Lives Matter and the shutdown actions in the UK.

November 2016: UKBLM Tour of Injustice

November 2016: In conversation – UFFC and UKBLM

UKBLM hosts a video titled Meet UFFC for people to get to know the campaigners who have lost loved ones at the hands of the state.