Our movement

What is BLMUK?

Black Lives Matter UK formed in 2016. We are a member-led, campaigning organisation, working towards collective liberation. We fight for all our Black working class family, here and across the world. We fight against racism, but also against capitalism and patriarchy because ALL Black lives matter. We are proudly led by Black people. We are a multitude but we are not everyone.

Like many Black radicals who have come before us, we believe in the power of solidarity. We stand strong in a long lineage of Black struggle for freedom. We welcome and express solidarity with all those fighting for freedom across the world, be it in Kashmir, Kurdistan, Venezuela or Palestine.

Why does BLMUK exist?

As long as deportations disappear our loved ones in the early hours to countries made unsafe by the legacies of European imperialism; as long as we’re forced to make homes in unsafe and insecure housing, often amidst the worst pollution and access to services; as long as we walk the street and are harassed and brutalised by police; as long as our children are excluded from and failed by our schools; as long as our future generations die from avoidable violence in our communities, we must fight. BLMUK exists to fight, and refuse this reality.

We recognise that these issues are part of a political and economic system which is reliant on the exploitation and control of Black and other oppressed people. We understand that these systems of power are global, and exist due to centuries of colonialism. We are part of a flourishing anti-racist movement which is fighting back against white supremacy and all forms of oppression.

What does BLMUK believe?

We believe that Black people should be free to thrive and grow, free from structural violence and premature death. We believe a real democracy is impossible in a system which priortises profit over people, using racism to exploit millions. We believe that this violence is not inevitable and harms everyone, both those who face it and those who reproduce systems of violence.

We believe we can overcome this system by coming together in our homes, communities, congregations, workplaces – by defying business as usual and building people power. We believe we can create a world without systemic violence and exploitation, where all can live full and free lives. This is what we believe liberation is. Defund the police and invest in communities. End the hostile environment and border controls. Fund safe and sustainable futures. Stay committed to international solidarity and global resistance.