Migrant Media

A film collective making free documentaries about Black deaths in custody and anti-racist campaigns in Britain. Watch their films here.

BBC Windrush: A New Generation

A documentary about the New Cross Fire, Black Peoples Day of Action and uprisings of the 1980s. Watch it here.


Leaving the War on Terror: A Progressive Alternative to Counter-Terrorism Policy

This report offers an account of the failures of current counter-terrorism policies, an analysis of the reasons why they do not work and an outline of a progressive alternative. Read it here.

Race and Racism in English Secondary Schools by Dr Remi Joseph-Salisbury

The report explores the nature of racism in secondary schools and is organised around four key issues: the teacher workforce; curricula; police; and school policies. Read it here.

Trapped in the Matrix – Amnesty International

This report looks at the policing of ‘gangs’ in Britain, and how it violates the freedoms, rights and civil liberties of the young, disproportionately Black people it targets. Read it here.

The London Clearances: Race, Housing and Policing by Jessica Perera

This report analyses how racism shapes policing and gentrification in London. Read it here.

Impact of COVID-19 on BAME community and voluntary organisations – Ubele Initiative.

This set of reports looks at case studies across the country to understand how Covid-19 has affected the ability to delivery important services in the BAME community. Read it here.


‘Defund the police’ is not nonsense. Here’s what it really means

The call from the Black Lives Matter movement is a recognition that expanding the UK’s police and prisons has done little for public safety. Read it here.

‘No police, no pollution: A vision for Black liberation in the UK’

Reflections on the relationship between climate justice and abolition. Read it here.

Anti-racism requires more than passive sympathy

Statements of solidarity after George Floyd’s death are mere gestures. We need to create a political movement from this moment. Read it here.

From Minneapolis to London: Who polices the police? 

This article looks at the many ways that state violence, like in the US, manifests in the UK. Read it here.

Resources on Abolition – Abolitionist Futures.

Resources are here to help those new to abolition get to grips with the key ideas.