Feb 2021: UKBLM Interview with The Voice

BLACK LIVES Matter UK announced that it will be giving £600,000 from its £1.2million raised via GoFundMe after last summer’s protests to grassroots groups focusing on helping the black community.

Following the announcement, The Voice sat down – on zoom, of course – with Director of BLM UK Alex Wanjiku Kelbert and spokesperson for BLM Lorna Mulungushi to hear more about BLM UK, find out who is behind it, how they decided to distribute the money, and their plans for the future. For more, check out The Voice’s Sophie Huskisson’s full interview: ‘We are really lucky to be living in this moment’: An exclusive interview with the people behind Black Lives Matter UK.

October 2020: BLM UK gains legal status

Registration as a Community Benefit Society enables UKBLM to access donations of £1.2m and invite people to join.

November 2017: National UKBLM tour

These events were designed to allow them to give a first-hand account of why UKBLM activists are involved with the group, the overall goals and aims of the movement, and the challenges facing them in the US and UK today.

June 2017: Come What May events

In April and May 2017, in the lead up to the general elections,  BLMUK organised a series of events in Thornton Heath and Haringey (London) called ‘Come What May’ to bring people in our communities together, and talk about what politics means to them. You can check out our take on the political situation in an op-ed we penned for The Voice.