October 2020: BLM UK gains legal status

Registration as a Community Benefit Society enables UKBLM to access donations of £1.2m and invite people to join.

August 2020: Sistah Space Protest

UKBLM speaks at a protest outside Hackney Town Hall in solidarity with Sistah Space, one of the few black-run womens’ shelters in London. For more information, follow Sistah Space on Twitter.

August 2020: Mark Duggan Memorial Protest

UKBLM partners with Justice 4 Mark Duggan Campaign, Tottenham Rights, 4Front Project and Stopwatch to organise a mass gathering outside Tottenham Police Station.

June 2020: Black Lives Matter unveil billboard

The billboard action was in partnership with Grenfell United, United Family and Friends Campaign, Justice for Shukri Abdi, Justice for Belly and Migrants Organise.

May – July 2020: Police monitoring and arrestee support at protests

UKBLM works with Green & Black Cross, NetPol, LCAPSV, The Monitoring Group, StopWatch, Liberty, Northern Police Monitoring Project & Black Legal Protest Support to provide police monitoring and arrestee support during Black Lives Matter Protests.

October 2018: Annual March Against Deaths in Custody

UKBLM marches with the families of those who have died at the hands of the state to demand justice for their loved ones.

October 2018: March in solidarity with Mohammed Yassar Yakub

UKBLM members marched in solidarity with Mohammed Yassar Yakub, a young Asian man shot and killed by police. Check out the Justice for Mohammed Yassar Yakub Campaign’s Facebook page for more information.

March 2018: Patrisse Cullors in Birmingham

Black Lives Matter UK attends a day of discussion, ideas and organising at Impact Hub Birmingham with Black Lives Matter US co-creator Patrisse Cullors, celebrating the release of her book: When They Call you a Terrorist. Learn more about the event here.

March 2018: Women of the World Festival

UKBLM in dialogue at Women of the World Festival with Patrisse Cullors of BLM US and Marcia Rigg from United Families and Friends Campaign. Find out more about the event here.

January 2018: Re-imagining Black Britain

UKBLM speak at this mass public event in Birmingham to think about black campaigns, black businesses, black survival strategies together. For more on the event, check out their website.